How VATMILEX uses JoinFS

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How VATMILEX uses JoinFS

Post by Neon » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:58 am

So I got ahold of the system VATMILEX uses for everyone when they run there missions.

Short version: everyone connects via JoinFS, only broadcasts tacpack. Every player loads up the same fsx@war campaign. JoinFS pushes all the combat info via fsx@war. Only the host needs to run CCP for them. With us we would still have to connect if we want to start on a carrier.

Full instructions from VATMILEX.
Now that we are nearing our first active VUL period I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to having things properly setup and who is injecting what into the joinFS session. It is very important that everyone follow these instructions to a tee or framerates will be destroyed down to less than one. If someone is broadcasting incorrectly into the joinFS session they will be kindly asked to leave and fix their system before returning to the session. Everyone need to take the time to make sure that they have their stuff set up and tested before the first VUL period, this way there aren't any surprises and a big Clusterfu*k at the start of the first VUL. Axe has kindly explained the best way to run the programs below:

First thing, only the host(Warlord/VUL Commander) needs to broadcast the P2P stuff. So everyone who logs onto VATSIM needs to turn off the P2P stuff. I.E. in FSINN they need turn their computers red at the top. In vpilot, everyone needs to go to settings and performance and make "aircraft displayed" = 0. So nothing from each pilot is being interjected via VATSIM. Next, all pilots need to go into joinfs settings and make sure that only tacpack items are being broadcast. There will be some sensors broadcasted but each player can go into his objects and make sure that these sensors are ignored. Also, each player needs to turn off their ai traffic in the sim. In the traffic tab in the display options, they need to turn the sliders all the way to zero. If these instructions are followed correctly things will work smoothly if just one person get's it wrong things will be a mess until they are removed and get things corrected.

The host will load CCP and broadcast the items in his CCP list. No one else needs to load CCP. The objects in CCP will come from the host and not each person. Everyone will need to load up fsx@war and create a campaign. This will allow the damage to be tracked. The newest version of joinFS allows for the tracking of damage to objects in the FSX@war campaign. However, at the end of each vul the host will need to save a copy of his campaign and then this saved file needs to be sent to all players as an update to the war. That way each VUL the campaign file is uploaded and shows the existing damage.

If there are any questions please let one of us know ahead of time so it can be sorted out. Thank you all for attending this year's VATMILEX and good luck to all. See you in the skies, and always watch your six
So with this setup we would use JoinFS, fsx@war, CCP, and simcom X.

We would need simcom x so that we could use radio freqs because with using joinfs we can't use the system built into P3D, or we can stick with teamspeak.

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